• Pamela Wilkinson

1-Ingredient Magic for Your Stinky Washer

I was browsing on Pinterest today, when I was reminded of an old tip on how to get rid of odors in your washing machine. You know, sometimes, they just get to smelling funky! I'm not sure if it's detergent build-up, or mildew from not being aired out, but here is how to get rid of the smell.

There is a magic ingredient sitting in your pantry, which can be used for so many more things than just cooking, two of which are disinfecting and deodorizing.

Yes, I'm talking about WHITE VINEGAR.

1. Pour one cup White Vinegar (also called Distilled Vinegar) into the bleach cup of your washing machine.

2. Run the EMPTY machine (no detergent needed) on a regular cycle with HOT water.

3. That's it. Your machine is disinfected, the drain lines are cleared of detergent residue, also known as GUNK, and the smell is gone.


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