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9 Moving Secrets That Will Save You Time and Money

​​I think this is a terrific article that can save you big bucks when you move. I've reproduced it in entirety with credit to its author, Nilus Mattive, Editor, "Rich Life Roadmap." - Pam Wilkinson

Can you answer these 3 questions?

  • How many weeks should you start packing in advance?…

  • Do you have a truck plan? Did you know you need one?…

  • Here’s what to put in your moving day survival bag…

Moving is easy… said the minimalist. If you’re like me, you dread moving. Not only is it stressful, it can be expensive, and time consuming. My family and I have moved several times and it wasn’t until our last move that we felt like we had a good handle on the whole process. If only I knew what I did now, moving would have been so much simpler. Which is why I want to save you the hassle and share some of my best tips I’ve picked up along the way.

1. Time is Money

This might sound obvious, but if you hire movers, make sure you finish packing before they arrive. Time spent packing boxes while the movers are on site usually ends up costing you more money. A five-hour move day suddenly becomes an eight-hour day. If you think you’re totally packed, think again. Check drawers, corners of closets, and your basement. Sweep every room in your house and leave no items unboxed. A good rule of thumb: start packing at least six weeks in advance.

2. What’s Your Truck Plan?

If you decide to rent a truck, make sure you have a plan for packing the truck. A properly packed truck offers two main benefits: 1) your stuff won’t get damaged; 2) you’ll have an easier and faster time unloading. What’s the best way to pack a truck? Start with your biggest items first, like furniture, beds, dressers, tables, etc. Then move on to boxes. And finish with light stuff like rugs, luggage, etc. You also want to select the right size truck. Generally speaking, a 16’ cube truck will hold most contents of a bachelor or one-bedroom apartment. Two to three-bedroom houses require 24’-26’ truck. Most houses can get away with a 24’ truck with one or two trips.

3. Get the Right Tools

There are really only two tools you must have when you move: a dolly and a shoulder dolly (unless you’re moving into a ranch-style home). Pro movers don’t break their backs trying to carry awkward-sized items up stairs -- at least not since the shoulder dolly was invented. This device is a strap connecting two backpack-like shoulder straps. How it works is you secure it underneath a heavy item, like a washer or dresser, then you and your partner put on the straps and lift the item. The shoulder dolly redistributes the weight in a manner that allows you to keep good posture. So rather than carrying the load in your arms and back, your whole body is helping to lift. A good shoulder dolly will run you about $40-60 on Amazon.

4. Talk to Your City Before You Move

A lot of cities will let you ban parking on a portion of the street for a few hours for your moving truck. This not only saves you trips to and from the truck but it saves you money because you finish loading and unloading a lot faster. If you’re moving into a condo, I suggest looking up your condo’s moving policy. Some condos charge $100-$200 service elevator fees. Be sure to know what you can and can’t do on move day.

5. Timing Matters

Weekends are typically more expensive than weekdays. And the start of the month is usually better than the end of the month. Also, avoid moving from May-September if you can. This is back-to-school season and moving companies are usually booked solid or really hard to bargain with. Also, always try and move first thing in the morning. Avoid having to unpack boxes in the dark if you possible.

6. Build a Moving-Day Survival Bag

Even if you label all your boxes and pack the truck like I said, you still might run into issues. So it’s best to be prepared for the worst. Pack yourself a survival bag in case you can’t get to basic items you need. Inside your survival bag, I recommend you include:

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

  • An extra outfit

  • First-aid kit and medications

  • Cell phone charger

  • A bit of food

  • Wallet

  • Keys

  • Moving documents/information

  • Makeup, hairbrush, accessories

  • (Pam comments: Don't forget toilet paper, paper towels and hand soap.If you have kids, pack their snacks and something to keep them busy.)

7. Tell the IRS You’re Moving

With all the commotion of moving, it’s easy to forget to notify the IRS that you’ve moved. Why would you want to do that? Every year, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is unable to deliver thousands of refund checks. After about 60 days, the USPS stops forwarding mail. So if tax day falls outside of your forwarding period, you might miss out on money. Another cost-saving tip is find out whether or not the IRS will allow you to write off your entire move. If you moved more than 50 miles away for a full-time job, you might be able to deduct moving expenses from your taxes.

8. Take Photos of Electronics and Other Arrangements

This is a hack I’ve started to use recently. Take photos of your electronics’ cord configurations. This makes setting up your TV, DVD players, and computers that much easier. You can do this for other arrangements too. For instance, do you have a book collection organized in a particular order? Snap photos on your cell phone to maintain the set up.

9. Make the Beds First ​​

Always make the beds first after you unload. This way, after you finish unboxing, you can crash without having to worry about making beds.It’s a simple hack but well worth it after a long day of moving. (Pam comments: Obviously, you need to take the linens in

your car, or load them onto the truck last for easy retrieval at the new location.)

I hope these tips help alleviate the stress of an already daunting process.And that you can maybe enjoy it a little bit more because of them.

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